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Terms of Use

All of the information provided on my website and radio show is meant as entertainment. You are responsible for what happens when you manifest what you read or hear into reality. Remember, I am not forcing anything on you, and you are reading, listening and here at this site on your own free will. You alone need to take responsibility for and to be wise with your life decisions.

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All the information provided on this website, my blog, my radio show or in private work with me is for educational and entertainment purposes only. You cannot sue me with anything that you do or don’t do with the information. Talking to Spirits, just like talking to anyone at all ever, can be a risk.  It is important that you are aware of that.

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While I do not plan on it, I reserve the right to change the focus of my website, radio show, content and services provided or to shut it totally down and quit or change the terms of use at any time.

Code of Ethics

Jon strictly operates by the Mediumship Code of Ethics and Psychic & Clairvoyance Code of Ethics as taught by his teacher and to which he holds true.