Welcome to my mediumship site. I have been a medium for many years and have hosted radio shows on-air to demonstrate mediumship and also live EVP to audiences.

As of September 2017, I am almost ready to begin readings and am doing practice work to prepare for my debut near the end of 2017.  I am writing blogs and discussing everything openly and will be doing radio appearances as well as practice reads with friends and anyone I can get my hands on to let me read for them in order to further hone my gift.

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My Great Grandfather: William McHenry

Family is an important thing to me and my Great Grandfather, William McHenry was a man I only met as an infant but whose memory is so powerful I still wish I had had the chance to know him as a young adult.

He passed from throat cancer in his 90s and was a “grandfather agent” in the FBI.

This means he was one of the original agents who was there when the agency was formed and he had quite the distinguished record. I believe he was active until his 70s before he retired.

A number of former agents we met over the years spoke fondly of him and so I dedicate this song to him as a tip of the hat and to remember a man who lived during some very rough times in the history of the United States.

Thanks for your service Grandpa… You are missed.