First studio show done!

Me as a young man with my Johnson CB radio!

It has been a long time, but we did our first mediumship show in a LONG time, using Facebook Live as our delivery platform! It worked pretty well, but I do have a few adjustments to make.

I had a lot of fun but admit I was a bit rusty and am committed to improving my product and being the best medium I can be!

The shows will be produced weekly and a schedule will be posted on this site shorty!

National Paranormal Experience Reporting Center

While there are plenty of web sites that allow people to report UFOs, there are few that will allow for a central place to report paranormal experiences.

Having led my own paranormal team since 2008, I learned a lot and realized recently that there was no centralized reporting system to allow people to report cases of paranormal events.

So,  I went ahead and set this site up at to allow anyone to report their event so that others might learn from these phenomena. Please visit the site and share your experience with us so that other paranormal investigators and ordinary people can learn from these events.