What To Expect In A Mediumship Reading

A “reading” is a meeting of two or more people, one being the Medium and the other(s) being the “Sitters” who are the people being read.

When you are read by me, the idea is for you to relax and also to remember why you are there. But do not come in with expectations as to WHO comes in since this is beyond the Medium’s control. So if you come in with the idea you are going to hear from Grandma and instead Aunt Mary pops in then realize that it is the Other Side’s determination on who best serves your need at that time.

Again, it is the Other Side that sets the agenda. Not we humans. And they perceive where are at and deliver just the message(s) we NEED to progress on this side of Life.

Jon at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska  in 1992

Also, be aware that being read by mediums should be done at a maximum of several times a year if that. Spirit wants us to learn from our trials in life, but is more than happy to occasionally talk with you via a medium or even directly to you should you choose to develop your own skills to do so. But most importantly, I suggest you develop your relationships with the people you have on THIS side of the veil so that you have told each other everything they need to hear from you BEFORE they cross over and you need a Medium!

Note that I am NOT a psychic in the sense that I deliver messages about what I see in your life. I’m NOT here to tell you how to live your life, nor will I. I have had to reject readings with people who assumed I was a psychic only and while I have some skills in this area, my primary mission is that of talking to those who have passed on. I am a human telephone, passing on messages to you from your loved ones and friends on the Other Side to benefit you.

So, relax when you are being read by me. I like to make this a fun experience and to pass on the messages you need to hear so your life is improved by the time we share!

Note: Until otherwise noted, Jon does not charge for readings provided on-air and does not read people for money.