I have long had an interest in the UFO field and approach it as I would any other controversial subject. I look at the preponderance of evidence both in the historical records of our planet and current day reports and can only conclude one thing:

  • Our planet has repeatedly been visited by aliens going back for millions of years and continues to be visited to this day.

This statement is not made idly. I back my assertions with research and critical thought. Unfortunately, there are alphabet-soup agencies and powers-that-be that still cling to outmoded thinking on these topics because while they know the truth, they refuse to admit to it because to do so would be to acknowledge that they are really not in control.

I have had five sightings of craft in my life that I could not identify and was present as a three year old child for a full on alien craft sighting in Northern California that left our family with the classic “Missing Time” phenomena.

Four of my teenage and adult sightings were of aircraft I believe to be experimental military vehicles, but still qualify as “UFOs” because I could not identify them.

And, in October of 2016, I witnessed, for fifteen minutes, two brilliant white lights spinning around each other in broad daylight and which demonstrated an awareness of myself and one other witness. To say I was transfixed would be an understatement. I have flown in fighter aircraft and experienced high-G forces and knew that what I was witnessing could not be an aircraft created by any human agency.

So yes, I believe that UFOs are very real and that while the vast majority are likely of human origin, there are plenty of other cases like the two in my own history which fall outside the realm of explainable cases.

Now that I am retired, I am opening up my Paranormal research to include UFOs and will examine cases, both old and new and to test my theories with you along for the ride and hope you share your own experiences with me as we delve into one of the most fascinating and rare of human encounters… sighting and interaction with vehicles and people who are not of this Earth.