SoulStream Radio

SoulStream is a weekly radio show that debuted in it’s original form in 2008 on Blogtalkradio and is now being hosted weekly on Facebook Live at 9:00 PM Pacific / 12:00 AM Eastern on Sundays.

Jon began doing readings on the show after Cathy Bradshaw pushed him to begin reading people on air and he finally listened after practically being dragged to the microphone. Now he can’t wait to be in the studio!

Jon does readings for a pre-selected person who we call to read one week and then switch over to do on-air EVP demonstrations every other week. Sometimes we’ll surprise people with a twist on our schedule, but we ALWAYS do this to help people and those on the Other Side!

Jon is writing a book about the many wonderful things that happened and continue to happen since all of this transpired. The Other Side is amazing and always trying to get people to remember there is no real death and that the Afterlife is very real and only a shade away from our world.

If you want to be read, contact Jon to see about getting onto the list to be read!