Jon does not read people for a living, however, he does read people on live radio out of his love of being a messenger and perhaps one day, he may make it a full-time profession, but right now, it’s a calling to do the work on-air from his studio in Northern California.

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Jon says: “I recommend that people should only be read a few times a year at most. When I was doing SoulStream on Blogtalkradio, I had people calling weekly to be read… the SAME people, over and over. That isn’t healthy and it doesn’t serve the higher purpose of living your life to learn your life-lessons on your own.

Mediumship is about passing NECESSARY messages and a fundamental human NEED for proof their loved ones are Ok on the Other Side, not for telling people how to live their every waking moment.

So, I enforce this on our show by reading people who NEED to be read. I do the calling on those who have been screened and can prove they need to hear from a loved one. And I am ethical and follow the guidelines set out from those whom I answer to upstairs ;>)”