Certainty, Atkins Diet, UFOs, Mediums and More

It is interesting to me to see people pay SO much attention to politics and seek to destroy one another with terrible scandals and to be convinced that their side and view is utterly correct to the exclusion of all else.

Certainty is certainly a comforting notion, until your world-view is shaken by the Truth that comes crashing in. Heisenberg, the physicist, made much off the notion that Uncertainty is the ruling order of things and that we can never truly know the position of an atomic particle and if one extrapolates this tiny uncertainty forward to our Human level and foolish notions of what “Truth” is, then there is precious little to be certain of.

This being said, there are some Human ideas that are more true that others. And we humans “feel” this and this is the beauty of our hearts because they often get it right, when one combines their brains and heart together to divine the closest approximation of Truth.

So when I watch the world fight over the notions of the Left or Right being the correct view of things, I cannot help but smile when I pull out a coin and inspect it. The head and tail represent the surface extremes of the coin, but the bulk of that coin’s makeup is everything in-between and in the middle of the two faces. It is interesting to me that some feel that a one-sided coin is a point of view that has validity and yet, try as I might, I have yet to see one of these rare unicorn style creatures!

Perhaps these single-sided-coin people can’t accept a middle view. But I think it is a necessity to move to the middle if one is to actually get anywhere. And the notion that one side has all the answers and seeks to limit or control the rights of others in order to advance their point of view without challenge? Well, that has been done before. And it never has worked in the long-run. Ever. So the folks who think suppression of Free-speech and other basic rights in our Constitution need to think hard about these basic truths before giving up that which they already have.

The other analogy is that an Eagle can take flight because it’s two wings, left and right, work together to allow the Eagle to fly and survive. I have yet to see a One-Winged Eagle achieve any meaningful flight other than a spectacular spin to the ground on takeoff from a cliff or tree.

So… With all the angry retorts going back and forth in the highly charged and so-called “Press”, I have faith in the Eagle’s two wings and hope that they start working in unison rather than to beat the hell out of the Eagle.

Good… Evil. Left.. Right… It really is all about embracing a point of view that represents neither extreme and yet compliments and acknowledges those extremes as boundaries. Personally, I favor the Right-hand path… I guess it’s just my nature to pull for the good in things and to see the humor in life despite it all.

On a personal note, I’ve lost 15 pounds as my Atkins diet progresses. Only 55 pounds to go and now that the weather has broken, I am poised to make some good gains on my ranch and winter cleanup. Embracing the truth of our bodies and then seeking to make change happen is a process. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been sticking to my goal and it is working for me.

And I’ve had time to continue my mediumship work and getting back to basics. Additionally, I decided that this site should reflect some of my other interests, so you will see more about my UFO, Paranormal, Scientific and even practical subjects like Bushcraft and Survival training.

I have a lot to say on these subjects. Time travel, Warp drives, UFOs and the Paranormal are interesting subjects for me and I will comment on cases I think are interesting and I will advance my own theories and also field work study in the future on these topics.

A person is a library. And at age 58, I have acquired a huge base of skills and despite being “Retired” by those who see me as a beast done with my contributions, I see this as a time to really give back and share what really means something to me.

So much is happening I can’t cover it all here, but keep an eye on the site since I’ll be tackling some new material here on the site and adding the new articles and subjects to the menus here to round things out .