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It is interesting to me to see people pay SO much attention to politics and seek to destroy one another with terrible scandals and to be convinced that their side and view is utterly correct to the exclusion of all else.

Certainty is certainly a comforting notion, until your world-view is shaken by the Truth that comes crashing in. Heisenberg, the physicist, made much off the notion that Uncertainty is the ruling order of things and that we can never truly know the position of an atomic particle and if one extrapolates this tiny uncertainty forward to our Human level and foolish notions of what “Truth” is, then there is precious little to be certain of.

This being said, there are some Human ideas that are more true that others. And we humans “feel” this and this is the beauty of our hearts because they often get it right, when one combines their brains and heart together to divine the closest approximation of Truth.

So when I watch the world fight over the notions of the Left or Right being the correct view of things, I cannot help but smile when I pull out a coin and inspect it. The head and tail represent the surface extremes of the coin, but the bulk of that coin’s makeup is everything in-between and in the middle of the two faces. It is interesting to me that some feel that a one-sided coin is a point of view that has validity and yet, try as I might, I have yet to see one of these rare unicorn style creatures!

Perhaps these single-sided-coin people can’t accept a middle view. But I think it is a necessity to move to the middle if one is to actually get anywhere. And the notion that one side has all the answers and seeks to limit or control the rights of others in order to advance their point of view without challenge? Well, that has been done before. And it never has worked in the long-run. Ever. So the folks who think suppression of Free-speech and other basic rights in our Constitution need to think hard about these basic truths before giving up that which they already have.

The other analogy is that an Eagle can take flight because it’s two wings, left and right, work together to allow the Eagle to fly and survive. I have yet to see a One-Winged Eagle achieve any meaningful flight other than a spectacular spin to the ground on takeoff from a cliff or tree.

So… With all the angry retorts going back and forth in the highly charged and so-called “Press”, I have faith in the Eagle’s two wings and hope that they start working in unison rather than to beat the hell out of the Eagle.

Good… Evil. Left.. Right… It really is all about embracing a point of view that represents neither extreme and yet compliments and acknowledges those extremes as boundaries. Personally, I favor the Right-hand path… I guess it’s just my nature to pull for the good in things and to see the humor in life despite it all.

On a personal note, I’ve lost 15 pounds as my Atkins diet progresses. Only 55 pounds to go and now that the weather has broken, I am poised to make some good gains on my ranch and winter cleanup. Embracing the truth of our bodies and then seeking to make change happen is a process. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been sticking to my goal and it is working for me.

And I’ve had time to continue my mediumship work and getting back to basics. Additionally, I decided that this site should reflect some of my other interests, so you will see more about my UFO, Paranormal, Scientific and even practical subjects like Bushcraft and Survival training.

I have a lot to say on these subjects. Time travel, Warp drives, UFOs and the Paranormal are interesting subjects for me and I will comment on cases I think are interesting and I will advance my own theories and also field work study in the future on these topics.

A person is a library. And at age 58, I have acquired a huge base of skills and despite being “Retired” by those who see me as a beast done with my contributions, I see this as a time to really give back and share what really means something to me.

So much is happening I can’t cover it all here, but keep an eye on the site since I’ll be tackling some new material here on the site and adding the new articles and subjects to the menus here to round things out .




Health, Food, Mediumship, This Site, My Interests and More…

Me in 1994 in my top form, healthy, happy and adventuring in Hawaii…

One of the key ingredients in doing good mediumship work is the health of the medium coupled with regular and effective meditation and practice. If either of these key attributes are broken or not working well, the mediumship itself suffers or disappears completely.

The act of forming a connection with the Other Side is one that creates considerable strain on the human form and one that demands that the “instrument’ ( that is, the person doing the mediumship ) be in top physical form.

I’ve been away from practicing my mediumship for some time and I’ve committed the sin of letting my physical self go for some time.  Much has happened to get from being a pretty good medium to someone out of touch with almost everything.

In fact, this has been going on for some years now. After the death of my father, I experienced, for the first time, grief. Now that is a emotion and a process that most mediums know well since we confront it in our readings in almost every form of grief there is. And yet, at least for me, I had been reading people on the air for three years until my father’s death in 2012 and had NEVER experienced it for myself.

To say that grief is a show-stopper is an understatement. For the first time, I truly realized what it was and how it can stop even the strongest of us in our tracks. And yet, I never felt the need to go to a group to discuss it. For me, it has been a very private thing. I’ve mentioned it in past writings, but it just kept getting worse over time. I finally realized this winter that it needed to be faced down.

I can say this has been the most challenging aspect to my mediumship work that I ever faced. Couple that with a career that was very clearly winding down from 2012 to 2017 and I can say that my work in the field of mediumship ground to a halt as a result of the grief and a slide into an abyss that left me not wishing to exercise, meditate or really do much with the field of mediumship work.

And after nine months of being off work and taking early retirement, I reached a place in early 2018 where I said “No more” and began to turn it around.

I had worked in Corporate America for many years and when that ended due to an extremely unpleasant outsourcing that saw many people I had worked with for decades being cast to the wind and finally, my own career ending, I reached a point where I really didn’t know what to do with myself.

This winter was harder than most since I just gave up and went downhill. I literally did nothing for months. Ultimately, it took a good friend to wake me up to take action that has made all the difference and that awakening made me see that life is much more than an old identity that truly needed to be stripped away.

In all of this burning away of the old self and identity, I began to see a new version of myself emerging. I *still* love mediumship. I am very much a technologist and also love anything to do with my work in outdoor living and bushcrafting. And I realized that this IS my new job.

I knew very much so that I had NO interest in another corporate job or being in a eight to five IT operation that would destroy me rather than help me to advance and it was a relief to realize that I never had to do it again.

Would I do Mediumship as a “job”? No… I do it because I love people. But I have to pay the bills like everyone else on this side and I’ve chosen to devote my talents to writing and demonstration of mediumship as a gift rather than to make dollars at it.  I may end up doing telephone readings sometime in the next year or two and that does mean getting a business license and going through all of that process, but for now, just getting back into fighting shape to DO readings is the challenge. That means giving them for free as practice and getting my butt out there and working hard to develop  and reclaim my place.

And, to pay the bills? Well – Writing is one of these things I’m up to… I’m writing about mediumship, grief/loss and also a sci-fi trilogy. Couple that with a more conventional set of income earners for me and I’m doing great.

My new “Job” is myself. It will be a journey I document in writing, video and on-the-air over time. I want to write fiction, non-fiction, be my authentic self and even to talk about grief and rebirth and help others going through these challenges to rise again to meet life. As a graduate of Phoenix University, I truly can understand the idea of the Phoenix as a rebirth symbol.

Getting back to my physical condition… It is early March of 2018.  I am in week one of my changed diet.  I’m close to 70 pounds overweight as of this writing. I’ve opted to use the Atkins Diet to get back to healthy fighting weight and weight training to beef up my conditioning along with mild aerobics.  I’ve switched to salad plates as my dinner plates. No more giant portions of food. I think portion control is also a huge aspect of all of this and a salad plate does pretty much hold everything I’m allowed to eat in a very convenient place as a constant reminder of what I am doing.

The plan is to show my progress in a few weeks with weekly photos of my starting weight and condition and also to share weekly videos. And for those who wish to lecture me on their negative view of the Atkins Diet, please don’t. I’ve already benefited from it once before and I had the best blood panels, glucose levels and health I’d ever had. I’ve got the real life experience of it and the people who criticize from their keyboards and armchairs never have tried it in many cases or speak without first-hand knowledge.

Finally, all of my life-rebuild will be coupled with meditation to round out everything. The Spirit needs to be fed and maintained too. I think this multi-front approach will bear immediate and positive fruit over time. I’ll drop posts here to share how it is going with a video message so you are along for the journey.

This Friday, the first video gets filmed and I’ll be talking about a lot of things in life as well. I hope to see many people offer advice and encouragement ;>)